Why 2019 is a great time to purchase property in France

France has long been a popular destination for overseas investors looking to purchase property, but what does 2019 hold for the market? Where should buyers be searching, and is this the right time to take the plunge and purchase property in France? Well, the year to July 2018 saw more houses sold in France than any year since 2006, according to property statistics.

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French property market

The French property market is enjoying a buoyant time right now, with investors attracted to the stability in French markets whilst other European markets are in such uncertainty.

A European foothold

However the political landscape is, the pace and quality of French life rarely changes, and having property there creates a European foothold to move and work in neighbouring Germany, Italy and Spain.

The education system

The French education system is known for its promotion of traditional values, with a structured academic syllabus and polite, well-behaved students. Expats enjoy the choice of international schools available in France.

Climate and seasons

France enjoys a mild climate and four clearly-defined seasons as opposed to the UK’s ongoing grey drizzle. Moving to the South of France means up to 300 days of glorious sunshine.

Working from home

With the wide availability of high-speed broadband and an economic shift towards remote working, France is a great place to combine rural living with a successful career. Many people in the UK already work remotely, so moving to France doesn’t have to be a dream reserved for your retirement years.

Property with land

France offers property that is great value for money. With French mortgages, you get the opportunity to invest in properties that offer land to grow vegetables, keep chickens and other animals, keep a garden and entertain outdoors.

These are just a few of the reasons why we are seeing an increase in expats and overseas investors choosing France to buy property. There are plenty of things attracting buyers to the country, and it won’t be long before property prices undergo a real increase, so now is the perfect time to take the plunge with a French property.

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