Buying a property in Nice

Applying for a mortgage for the purchase of a property is never easy but when you add in the fact that it is in a foreign country and another language country, it can get very complicated and things can get lost in translation. At HB Mortgages we hold your hand from start to finish throughout the entire purchase process.

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Nizza La Bella

Buying a property in Nice, the city nicknamed Nice la Belle, is possibly one of the most popular French cities for British tourists. This leads to the reason why the city’s main seaside promenade, the Promenade des Anglais (“Walkway of the English”), owes its name to visitors of the resort.

When buying a property in Nice, you will also need to take into consideration your methods of transport. With Nice homing France’s second most important airport, the city has an excellent transportation system from trams all over the city to trains situated in the centre of Nice. Trains can take you to the entire French Riviera and almost any major city in France.

Buying a property in Nice unlocks a whole new experience of living, one day you will be at the local market in the historic Old Town, and the next you will be resting it up on the Mediterranean beach under palm trees.

What types of properties can you expect to find in Nice?

With Nice being frequently used since the 1800s as winter homes for the British, there is a huge range of varying property types, from your standard studio flat and 1 bedroom apartment to luxurious villas with a stunning sea view. All will depend on your budget and the location. Prime locations like “Mont Boron” will be more expensive.

What mortgage options are available for you?

At HB Mortgages we have multiple banks based on the French Riviera and in Monaco, allowing us to approach many lenders to help you get a mortgage. All of our banks are geared towards International non-resident clients. It is important to note that different banks have different lending criteria, different loan to values and certain profiles they can or can not finance. This is our role to approach the best bank suited to you the clients profile and lending requirements.

In many countries you can apply for a pre-approval, however, in France, it is not something that can be done. Alternatively, we can assess your personal financial situation and using our 15 years experience we can give you an indication of feasibility and advise on moving the process forward.

Note that you can not submit a file to a French bank without having signed a “Compromis De Vente”, which is essentially your sales agreement for when buying a property in Nice or the rest of France.

To further understand the process of French mortgages and how to apply for a loan please get in touch to speak to one of our experienced Mortgage Advisers.

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