Interest Only Mortgages

The purpose of this investment is to acquire interest and serve to repay the outstanding capital at the term of the loan.


Key Information

  • Minimum Property Purchase price - 1 000 000€
  • Loan to values for non-residents range between 50% - 85%
  • Loan term of up to 25 years

Interest-Only Mortgages

The Advantages of Interest-Only Mortgages

  • An interest-only mortgage allows borrowers to make monthly payments that solely cover the interest charges for a specific period, typically the initial years of the mortgage term.
  • The key advantage of an interest-only mortgage is the flexibility it provides, as monthly payments are lower compared to a capital repayment mortgage during the interest-only period.
  • This flexibility can be beneficial for those with short-term financial goals, such as maximizing cash flow or allocating funds for other investments.

Financial Flexibility and Peace of Mind

  • Interest-only mortgages offer financial flexibility, allowing borrowers to allocate funds towards other investments or financial priorities.
  • By paying only the interest charges, you have greater control over your finances and the option to make additional principal payments when it suits you.
  • However, it’s important to note that during the interest-only period, the outstanding balance of the loan remains unchanged, so having a solid plan for repaying the principal amount is crucial.

Tailoring the Mortgage Term to Your Preferences

  • Interest-only mortgages come in various term lengths, giving you the opportunity to select a term that aligns with your financial objectives and preferences.
  • Shorter-term options provide the flexibility of lower monthly payments during the interest-only period but require a plan for repaying the principal amount sooner.
  • Longer-term options offer extended interest-only periods, providing greater flexibility for managing your finances and potentially allowing for more time to plan for principal repayment.

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