Costs Associated With Property Purchase in France

There are two main cost associated with purchasing a property in France, notary and estate agent fees.

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Notary fees

A notaire is a government official, and when you buy a property in France you have to go through a registered French notary to purchase a property. The Notary fees change depending on whether the property is a New build or an Existing property. For new builds, the fee is 2.5% and for an existing property, the fee is 6.5%. When you take a mortgage the notary fee is around 1% more, as they must put in place banks charge on the property. So the Notary fees can be an important part of your budget that must not be overlooked.

So a general rule of thumb is for an existing property you are just below 8% and for a new build property around 3.5% notary fees.

Estate Agent Fees

Most likely when purchasing a property in France you will need to go through an Estate Agent, the fees for the agent are usually included in the shown price, and these can vary depending on the price of the property, but they are generally around 5-6% of the purchase price

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