Moving to France

Moving to France can seem daunting but we have got some quick tips for you


Sort out your finance

The first step you should take when moving to France is to open a bank account in a French Bank. Once sorted, make sure you speak to a financial adviser about sorting our your savings and pension. Harrison Brook are experts financial advisers, specialised in expat financials. You get contact them on

Sort out your French health insurance

It is mandatory for you to subscribe to the French health system. You will need to ask for a carte vitale. You might also want to look at private health insurances to top up the state cover.

Sort out home insurance

You will need to take up home insurance on your house. It usually covers against water damage, fire but you might want to want to also be covered against cambriolage.

Sort out your home

Set up a landline and get a mobile phone contract. Today most internet providers will set up the landline for you. You might also want to watch TV, then you will need to pay the “redevance” the French TV licence that you pay annually with your Taxe d’habitation.

Water are most likely managed by the city or village depending on where you’re moving, get in touch with your local city hall for more information.

Make sure you shop around to find the most cost effective electricity or gas providers. They are a few main ones in France such as EDF, GDF or Engie.

Enjoy the French way of life

When in the middle of house admin and lots of planning it is often easy to forget to enjoy the reason why you are doing all this hard work: France.

Don’t forget to enjoy your first months in France and live like the French. Go to the bakery to buy fresh bread and croissants, go to the market to buy fresh produce, visit a “cave” and get some lovely wine…

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