Buying a Property in France

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The Maximum loan to value we can get is 85%.


Mortgages duration can range between 7 to 25 years.

Buying a Property in France

The Advantages of Capital Repayment Mortgages

  • When considering purchasing a property in France, capital repayment mortgages provide an excellent financing option for gradually paying off both the principal amount borrowed and the accrued interest over the mortgage term.
  • With each monthly payment, the outstanding balance of your loan decreases, allowing you to build equity in your French home and make steady progress towards full home-ownership.
  • Unlike interest-only mortgages that only cover the interest charges, capital repayment mortgages ensure that you actively work towards owning your property outright.

Financial Stability and Peace of Mind

  • Opting for a capital repayment mortgage offers a sense of financial stability and peace of mind as you make regular payments and witness the tangible reduction in the outstanding balance of your loan.
  • With each payment, you’re steadily building ownership and increasing equity in your French property, eliminating the need for separate investment vehicles to repay the principal amount.

Making Informed Decisions

  • Consulting mortgage advisers is essential when buying a property in France.
  • By exploring your options and discussing your financial objectives with these experts, you can make informed decisions about capital repayment mortgages that align with your specific needs.
  • They will provide guidance, explain the intricacies of the French property market, and ensure that you fully understand the terms and requirements of your mortgage.

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