Non Resident Mortgages in Nice – What You Should Know

You may have spent your holidays in France or just dreamt of living there. You may have fallen in love with a specific region or area and you would like to buy a property there. At HB Mortgages, we specialise in Non-Resident mortgages in France. Our main area is Cote D’Azur, especially in the beautiful city of Nice. We have bilingual mortgage advisers with over 18 years of experience in the French market, especially for Non Resident mortgages in Nice. They will be able to assist you throughout the whole process, simplifying all steps for you by taking in consideration all monetary, fiscal and regulatory issues that might arise.


Process for Non Resident Mortgages in Nice

If you embark on this journey on your own, the mortgage process can be quite tedious and overwhelming. By engaging with a mortgage broker service like ourselves, you can use your time to find the perfect home and let us deal with the bureaucracy side of this process. We have outlined below our mortgage process in 8 simple steps.

Step 1: Getting in Touch with us

The first step you should take is getting in touch. Based on our initial conversation we will be able to roughly advise you how much you can borrow and takes you through the process in details. It is important to note that we treat each mortgage inquiry on a case-by-case basis.

Step 2: The Application Process

Filling in the application process will allow us to have all the relevant details in hand in order to start building your file. Our aim is to facilitate the decision-making of the banking establishments and avoid any unnecessary delays by building a full and compliant file on your behalf.

Step 3: Mortgage Research

The Mortgage Adviser will then start looking at different mortgages based on your circumstances.  Our partnership with  banks helps you get the best possible rate.

Step 4: Approaching Banks & Sending Application

Once we have found the best mortgage for you, we will approach the different banks and send the application on your behalf. We try and do this with precision to ensure your application is not rejected by French banks.

Step 5: Bank Agreement in Principal

Congratulations, a bank accepted your application! You will get a bank agreement in principal, it means they accept to grant you the mortgage.

Step 6: Organising Life Insurance

Finalising your life insurance is the next step you should take. It is a very important part of the process because you cannot get a mortgage without one.

Step 7: Opening a French Bank Account

Naturally you will need to open a French bank account to repay the mortgage. Usually it is opened in the bank granting you the mortgage.

Step 8: Final Signing at the Notary - Deed of Sale

Once you have a formal mortgage offer and you passed the 10 days cooling off period, you can accept the mortgage offer. You will then sign the deed of sale at the notary and you will be a French home owner. We also facilitate the conversations held with the notaries until the deal is concluded.

What You Should Know About French Mortgages in France

  • No matter  which mortgage broker you decide to go with, make sure you use an authorised French one. This will ensure you will have access to the whole of the French mortgage market. 
  • Do inquire if the mortgage broker is regulated. In France the regulation comes from Orias which is an association, under the supervision of the Treasury Directorate, created in 2007 to certify insurance intermediaries, in accordance with a European Union directive established in 2002.
  • Have a look at our frequently asked questions on our website as there might be questions you have already started thinking of.

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