Buying a property in the French Alps – What to consider

There’s something of a building boom going on in the French Alps right now. And it’s perhaps never been a better time to consider buying a property in the French Alps, one of the region’s most popular ski destinations.

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Great resorts in the Alps to consider

Resorts including Courchevel, Val d’Isère and Alpe d’Huez are in the midst of a range of infrastructure projects with new housing springing up rapidly.

The Alps boast some of the best ski slopes in the world with winter sports enthusiasts flocking to the area during the ski season. But even the warmer summer months see plenty of visitors to the region to take in its breathtaking beauty.

But before you consider taking the plunge to buy a property in the area, here’s a couple of crucial questions you should ask yourself.

How will you use the property?

Some key questions will help you identify what kind of property you’re looking for and where. For example, do you intend on living there full time or will you be renting it out for periods of the year? If you’ll only be using the property for a few weeks each year to make the most of the ski season, an apartment near the slopes may be the best option. If you plan to be there for longer periods, a larger property closer to the town may suit you best.

Once you know how you intend to use the property, it will help you determine the type you’re seeking as well as being able to consider what potential renters will be interested in.

Consider your finances first

Finance is perhaps the most important aspect of any property purchase. So establish how you’re going to raise the funds. And do so before you spend time and money on viewing trips only to discover you’re unable to buy that dream property. French mortgages are generally available for 80 – 85% of a property’s value.

Buying a property in the French Alps is buying into a lifestyle and with the current building boom set to continue, it really is a great time to invest in this beautiful region.

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