American resident purchasing on the French Riviera

Are you an American purchasing on the French Riviera? Buying abroad is not always easy and we have collated some of our top advice when planning a purchase in the South of France.

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Where to Purchase on the French Riviera?

The French Riviera is a fairly large area of South of France, going from St Tropez to Monaco. Even if really close the feel and atmosphere in those different cities will be very different.

The main city is Nice, where the major airport, second most important airport in France, is located. You will want to take that into consideration when choosing a city depending on whether you are planning on renting a car there or not. If you do not wish to drive then make sure to choose a city with a solid public transports system.

You will find on the French Riviera a very nice mix of busier cities like Cannes and Antibes on the sea side and more traditional villages (such as Valbonne for instance) in the backcountry that is often only minutes away from the coast.

Many American purchasing on the French Riviera have compared it to California in many aspects.


Types of Properties Available on the French Riviera

The French Riviera has always been loved my American nationals and you will find there a range of properties going from the studio condo to the very luxurious Villa overlooking the sea. What you will choose will depend on your budget.

The location will obviously also impact the price of the property and going a bit more inland will most certainly allow you to have a bigger space for the same budget.


Mortgage Options for American Tax Residents

As an American citizen buying in France you may have noticed that it can be quite difficult to find French banks to finance your property.

In our experience we have seen that American residents tend to have lower loan to value than a European would. For that reason, your deposit will need to be very important.

At HB Mortgages we have numerous banks on the French Riviera and Monaco accepting American tax residents and American passport holders. We understand the challenge that it is and we are used to supporting our clients through the entire French mortgage process.

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